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This is a special page set up for our CTVN viewing audience.  As you know, Dr. Vetere is a frequent guest on the Living Well segment of the Real Life Program.  On this page you will find Special Offers, updates and information related to Dr. Vetere's show topics.  In addition, you will have information about hosting a Genesis Life Wellness Workshop at your church, organization or ministry conference and the exciting new City Wellness Movement                                                                                                                        

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The Genesis Life Wellness Workshop
to your Church, Organization or Ministry Conference

The GLWW is a 3-Hour highly motivating interactive workshop designed to challenge, empower and educate participants to shift their reactive health care mental outlook and poor lifestyle habits to a proactive "respect their body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit" position that increases wellness, prevents sickness and restores health.  The approach is Natural, Safe, Highly Effective and completely based on Biblical Covenants. 

For more information or to set up a Genesis Life Wellness Workshop, please call Dr. Vetere directly at 914-261-7869

Additional Information

View a Sample of the GLWW

The Genesis Life City Wellness Movement
The CWM is initiative designed to position the local churches of a community as a primary resource for Natural Health and Wellness Education and Information.

         Genesis Life Online Wellness Program

                      SPECIAL OFFER
                                        Exclusively for our CTVN Family

Includes all the features of the regular GLOWP
1. An exclusive one-on-one, 15-Minute Phone Session with Dr. Vetere to discuss possible wellness options.*
2. A special discounted fee of only $100 (normally $150)

                Join the Wellness Program Today

Make sure you include your e-mail address  and phone contact when purchasing your Wellness Program.  Within 2-5 days you will receive your Wellness Program Access Codes and a call to set up you Phone Session with Dr. Vetere.

Purchase your
Autographed Copy of THE GENESIS DIET Book today!
$16 plus $4 shipping and handling.

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