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Dr. Vetere was born and still lives in the New York metropolitan area with his wife and family.  In 1986, he graduated with honors from the New York Chiropractic College and have been in private practice in the Bronx ever since.

Dr. Vetere has successfully seen thousands of patients with back pain, neck pain and headaches over the past 25 years.
In addition, he's an accomplished author and highly sought after international conference speaker.  In 2004 Dr. Vetere created a unique natural health program called, 7 Weeks to Wellness.  This very successful wellness model educates, motivates and empowers individuals not only to lose weight, but to improve the overall wellness of their physical body.To schedule an appointment Dr. Vetere, please call 914-261-7869.  This is a great way to find out what Dr.Vetere does and how he can help you.  We encourage you to go the Health Certificate Page for a special discount offer.

Dr. Vetere's Ministry: He experienced a life changing moment with the Lord in 1987. For many years, he would host bible studies in his office for patients and staff. In 1997, the Lord opened the doors of many local churches for Dr. Vetere to minister an evangelistic message from a doctor’s perspective. In 2003, Dr. Vetere saw the need to educate church leadership on the necessity of attaining personal wellness as a key component to the Christian walk. This developed into health conferences across the region and eventually across the country. The “Pastors Health Conferences” and the “7 Steps to Wellness Evangelistic Health Conferences” are the only programs that are faith based and use natural health and wellness education as a tool for community outreach and evangelism.

Dr. Vetere is the founder and director of the New York “7 Weeks to Wellness” and Genesis Life Wellness Program that serves hundreds of people. Dr. Vetere also holds a Diploma in Charismatic Ministry from Oral Roberts University.

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Schedule your Consultation or Complimentary Evaluation/Screening: Click here if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Vetere for either a Genesis Life Wellness Consultation or a Chiropractic Consultation.

Understanding the Chiropractic Alternative: Chiropractic is the worlds most safe, scientifically sound, natural alternative for overall physical wellness.  Click here to learn more.

Understanding your Back Pain: Most back pain can be attributed to an imbalance in the position and/or movement of the spinal bones (vertebrae) and how they interact with the muscles and nerves in the lower back. Click here to learn more.

Understanding your Headaches: The pain of a headache, regardless of category, is caused by an inflammation, constriction or some other type of irritation to nerve endings that surround the muscles and blood vessels in and around the skull and upper part of the neck. Click here to learn more.

The TRUTH about Natural Wellness: In spite of this age of high tech science and medical breakthroughs sickness and disease is still on the rise.  The obesity rate is constantly climbing and hospitals are packed to overflowing. Click here to learn more.

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