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Genesis Life Live Week 1






Hi Friends

This is Dr. Vetere and I'm glad you've joined me to view Week 1 of the Genesis Life 7-Week Wellness Program.  The video on the left is recorded live from Harvest Time Church in Greenwich, Connecticut.  

This is the complete first lesson, which includes the program orientation and instructions for the first week.  If you enjoy this lesson, you may want to consider becoming a Member of the Genesis Life Wellness Program.

Visit the "Preview the Program" section to see all the great features of being a member.  Right now there are over 10 hours of video training, instruction and demonstrations that will equip you to reach your health and wellness goals.

Remember, this is NOT your typical weight loss or fitness program.  The Genesis Life Wellness Program relies heavily on the Word of God for motivation, inspiration and instruction and fully incorporates Faith, Prayer and cutting edge science.

So relax, sit back and be prepared to be Blessed!

Dr. V 
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