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Major Challenges to the Church:

The obesity rate, the overall health quotient, and the overall physical state of the residents of most major US cities are rapidly deteriorating.  Diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other preventable diseases are not only disabling Americans but also leading to an increased premature mortality rate.  And this is especially alarming in the church where we confess our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, but we still have horrible eating habits, refuse to exercise and live a life of personally induced stress.

The solution is simple to Get in Shape 

Genesis Life Wellness Workshop

The Genesis Life Wellness Life Workshop is a comprehensive 3 or 4-hour Wellness Program, which covers every aspect of attaining physical health, including weight loss, reducing medication dependency and natural solutions for common conditions.

The purpose of the conference is to motivate, challenge and empower participants (from a Biblical perspective) to develop permanent accountability to the application of wellness principles.

This program is an excellent tool for promoting Wellness in the Church, attracting guests and people from the community, and professionally raising funds for the church ministry projects and other non-profit organizations.

“The highest priority in the life of every human should be their health.  If you lose your health, you lose your life and your lifestyle.  Dr. Vetere’s program doesn’t focus on sickness, but the avoidance of sickness. I highly recommend Dr. V’s program and believe it will be the best investment in your present and future, for you, your family and your organization” Dr. Myles Munroe, BFM 

The Conference Format
1. The Challenge:  Most people know they need to make lifestyle changes, but complacency has ruled their life.  The Challenge creates a "paradigm shift" in the heart and mind of the participant setting the stage for success.

2. The Knowledge:  Getting in great shape is a lot more than just diet and exercise.  There are 7 keys aspects of excellent health that must work in unison in order to achieve optimal wellness.

3. Demonstrations:  Theory and lectures are good, but nothing beats hands on demonstrations. 

4. The Commitment:  Now that you know you need to make lifestyle changes and you have the knowledge of what you have to change, the next step is to make a commitment to be accountable for your future actions.

The Genesis Life Wellness Program provides ongoing online resources and support to assure "wellness success"  long after the conference is over.

THURSDAY   7:30PM-9:30PM
FRIDAY           7:30PM-9:30PM
SATURDAY   9:00AM-12NOON  OR  3:00PM-5:00PM
SUNDAY        3:00PM-5:00PM

Call to check available dates 914-261-7869

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Dr. Vetere speaks about the Wellness Conference

                        Consult with Dr. Vetere about setting up your
         GENESIS LIFE Wellness Conference
         *Help your congregation achieve optimal Health & Wellness

 OR... Set up a          
    WELLNESS WEEKEND at your church

Many of the churches we partner with choose to dedicate an entire weekend to the purpose of Health, Healing and Evangelism.  For this reason we created an optional 3-part weekend event:

1. Friday Night: A Message on the Covenant of Health

2. Saturday: Genesis Life Wellness Workshop.

3. Sunday: A Message on Healing and the Prayer of Faith.

Followed by the…

The church now has option to become a church affiliate of  the Genesis Life Wellness Training Program, which is our Online series with more than 15 hours of video lessons and demonstrations, plus volumes of other exciting training resources.

Setting up a Genesis Life Wellness Conference

As you know, there is financial strain on most local churches and/or para-church ministries, and the communities they serve.  More and more churches and ministries are cutting back services, events and programs because of finances.

The GENESIS LIFE WELLNESS WORKSHOP is unique because instead of costing the church money, the workshop can actually raise funds for the hosting ministry.  Just imagine a proven program that saves lives, reaches the lost and at the end of the day raises extra funds to support the church’s ministry.

If you're interested in hosting a Wellness Workshop at your Church, please fill out the information below.

or call Dr. Vetere directly at 914-261-7869
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