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The following videos are excerpts from the Online Genesis Life Wellness Program.  Here you can get a taste of the exciting features that await you when you become a member.

The Ab Workout Sample

The Lunge Workout Sample


Sample from Week 1 Training

Dominion Diet (Part 1)


Sample from Week 2 Training

Dominion Diet Week 2 (Part 3)


Sample from Week 3

Properly Functioning Nervous System (Part 1)


FREE Resources for those who read the GENESIS DIET Book:


One of the Goals at the School of Wellness is to keep our friends connected to relevant issues of health and wellness and how it is affected by our faith in the Word of God.

Each week a new video article will be posted discussing a critical issue that affects both our health and faith:

This weeks article:

Dr. Vetere's Radio Interviews:

1. With Debbie Chavez
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