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The Genesis Life Online Wellness program is the perfect option for those who can’t get to meet with Dr. Vetere in person or even for those in the “In-Office” Genesis Diet program this is great tool to keep you up on the latest in Faith-based wellness information.

The online program includes

Genesis Diet 7 Week Wellness Program: An intense 7-Week video series that explains and demonstrates detailed instruction in diet and food management, exercise methods, natural health alternatives and essentials in wellness development.

Audio Resources: A wide selection of Natural Wellness lessons on diet, exercise, nutrition, cooking and overall fitness.

Video Resources: Similar topics to the audio section, but with video demonstrations and instruction.  The video demonstrations include: 7-Week progressive exercise demonstration, Injury Prevention exercise demonstrations, The V-Core exercise demonstration,

Video Conferences: A variety of Wellness Workshops that will motivate, empower and hold you accountable to getting in great shape.

Training Workbook (downloadable): This a detailed journaling manual that builds both your physical wellness and your faith in God’s promises of health.

Weekly Focus: Every week we focus on a particular topic of wellness training.  This enables the participant to stay on purpose and achieve goals.

Monthly Conference Call: Stay Empowered and Stay Focused!  We all know that life is filled with twists and turns, and ups and downs, but our GOAL at Genesis Life is to keep you motivated on achieving optimal wellness.  The Monthly Conference Call will do just that.

GLWP Membership

$149 Initial Fee

**Make sure you include your E-Mail address in your payment information**

You will then receive and e-mail with the Username and Password to access Genesis Life Wellness Program in the Member Page.  Then every month you may receive a new password for secure access.

Membership automatically makes you a Wellness Member

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