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The GENESIS LIFE Wellness Program

The GENESIS LIFE Wellness program is a natural approach to addressing and correcting the cause pain, sickness and disease. The key to our success is to train, coach and empower individuals to apply and live the 7 covenantal principles that govern optimal wellness.

  1. A regular live food diet.
  2. Regular supplementation to enhance, cleanse and detoxify.
  3. A daily routine of exercise that promotes fat metabolism, muscle gain, strength, flexibility and endurance.
  4. A Healthy Spine free of pain and neurological interference
  5. The Vitality of Water
  6. Rest and cellular recuperation
  7. Taking Authority over Stress through covenant living.


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Schedule a Wellness Consultation with Dr. Vetere:

This is a thorough review of your current health concerns to determine a custom plan to naturally achieve optimal wellness.  You will also learn:

How the body really works?

What’s causing your pain?

What really causes disease?

Why traditional treatment cause more health problems?

And The 7 natural steps that govern optimal health.


The GENESIS LIFE 7 Week Wellness Program includes:

1. Personalized food management plan: Learn more than just what to eat.  Here you will learn how to shop, prepare, cook and combine your foods for optimal nutrition and fat loss.

2. Personalized exercise and fitness plan: The goal is to design a customized 20-minute daily exercise routine that covers all 5 aspects of muscle training.

3. Healthy Spine plan: After a thorough evaluation of the movement, alignment and balance of the spinal bones a correction protocol will recommended to alleviate any neurological interference.

4. Natural Wellness recommendations to maximize health recovery and minimize pharmaceutical toxicity.

To schedule your appointment call 347-201-2733. Or complete the contact box on this page.

The cost of the consultation is $150
Evaluation/Screening are always at No-Charge

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